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Originally Posted by L-S-R View Post
Poland was 2006, it was 2007 in USA when Paul Cray won it.
Quite it was even more recently then.......

Anyway 12ft/lb is far more challenging than 20ft/lb do the ballistics on the trajectory, I know good F class shooters find it more difficult.
No argument there, I enjoy it immensely........but the majority outside the UK have different viewpoints. I am only saying that it is a UK centric view that is the sticking point. The UK shooters are the ones pushing the changes again. It may have started in the UK but is now Global. Are the UK shooters prepared for what may end up as Core rules if the WFTF members are forced to adopt one set of rules?.....

Core rules can't be that difficult, quite simple really. 5 ket areas of interest.

Max and min size kill zone.
Max and min distance of targets.
Max and min % of disciplines/compulsories.
Acceptable clothing, jackets, gloves and slings.
Classes i.e. juniors, seniors, spring and the prize category for each i.e. top 3, 5 or 10.
Uhuh, ya reckon?..........

That is a simplistic view of the difficulties of getting agreement. That is your viewpoint (not that I do disagree) but what if I disagreed with that summation? Should your viewpoint hold more sway?

Point I am making is that it is not purely a UK sport any more. Growth is a double edged sword.

As for Olympics, I am opposed. Control of the sport then vests in Govt thanks.

As for Italy 2011, the issue is that the Core Rules and conventions that have worked in the past seemed to have been ignored, and should be brought back into line by direct negotiation.

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