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Originally Posted by L-S-R View Post
If they don't use 12ft/lb or at least have a 12ft/lb class, why would a RGB want to become part of the WFTF then?
Within each group of air rifle shooters there are those who do wish to compete with the World on a level playing field, and others who are along for the ride.........and just participate for a hobby. They also have a voice, and need to be dragged kicking and screaming sometimes.........

The UK version is not the only version of FT, and it was only recently that 12 ft/lbs was installed as the Default FT energy limit if you recall, 2006 USA was the final event at which 20 ft/lbs air rifles were permitted. This was viewed unfavourably by a great number of shooters world wide,.......maybe that slipped most people's attention..........

But we just get on with it.........and adjust. But getting on with it and bringing everyone who still uses their pre 12 ft/lbs equipment along with us, and maintaining membership bases is a slow process.

I'm not saying the 12 ft/lbs only view is arrogant, but it certainly is a " UK centric" view. Despite the USA National body voting for the 12 ft/lbs proposal, many US shooters were upset by that, are now not interested in World Champs any more. Efforts have started to rebuild and they have a 12 ft/lbs specialised class underway with some good results and talented shooters. Remember USA was one of the founding members of WFTF...........with a huge potential shooter base.......but struggle to field a team annually. 12 ft/lbs FT is not THEIR Field Target game, and they are not so new to the organisation. Just one example........

Whether 12 ft/lbs or higher energy is not really the issue. 12 ft/lbs limit is here to stay as the default at World level, and those older WFTF members and us newer ones are aware and willing to come on board,......that is not an issue. The particular cultural rules of the game that have evolved that everyone is now used to need time to congeal into a uniform set. How to achieve that is now the task.

The voting bloc majority of the UK Nations which effected the 12 ft/lbs rule no longer exists within WFTF. That abrupt change is still in the back of many RGB minds. Forcing an abrupt change in rules at this stage may well backfire into something the UK RGB's won't like. Better to manage change on a determined path than promote a popular revolution

The devil is always in the details, and better the devil you know........


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