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Originally Posted by Gibbs View Post
Not only in the light of the 2011 world championship issues, but also because FT getting into the Olympics is only held back by a world wide lack of agreement, my question is;
What are the differences in the various country's FT rules?
I'd venture a comment that it comes down to local laws.

Not everyone around the World has a 12 ft/lbs energy restriction (Actually its only the UK), some are worse, some are better, some are good. There are other variations of laws on where you can legally use an airgun (such as an approved shooting range.....dead flat and boring).

Where a law does not suppress the natural right to possess and use an airgun over 12 ft/lbs energy, FT has tended to develop along those allowed lines. What shooters can do domestically within their laws tend to have an effect upon the FT rules their National shooting body has in place.

So imagine every law variation to do with Airguns, and then imagine what you would have in the UK if you had:

a) No legal restrictions

b) Severe restrictions

c)sensible restrictions

After imagining every scenario you could come up with, that is what there is within the WFTF. It is tempered by the 12 ft/lbs energy limit at World Champs matches, but domestically the differences persist, as do the attitudes of those who do not shoot Internationally wishing to retain their right to use their legally permitted equipment. Start telling them they cannot, and you lose disaffected shooters.......who are the basis of the sport.

They all vote at their AGM's in one form or another, and do what they think is right for the survival of their domestic competitions........Worlds are not really their concern if they do not ever intend attending.

Under those conditions, a 12 ft/lbs World Championship means very little to the average domestic voting membership. Until recently, 12 ft/lbs air rifles were not even imported to some Countries as they were not legally required. For the last 20 years 28-30 ft/lbs .22 cal PCP's were the ones imported here into New Zealand not .177............and the common energy level of the cheap springer here is still about 16-18 ft/lbs. Getting interest in WFTF Core Rules has been hard.......after all, why should they when they can enjoy their bazookas legally every other weekend, and be in the majority.

But over the recent past we have strived to put in place a 12 ft/lbs category and adopt WFTF Core Rules as a default set of rules for that class only (any shooter wishing to shoot the Worlds MUST compete in that category to be familiar with the rules and equipment). If every RGB did that, it would soon develop into everyone being on the same page. Then only a small tweak to Core Rules every now and then would keep things ticking over, rather than having to rewrite the rulebook for the Worlds only.


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