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Originally Posted by Dave Ramshead View Post
That's fair comment, each country would want their specific variation accepted as the norm and certainly not an easy fix, but should be fixable?

After all, is it fair for competitors from many countries to travel to a "worlds" titled event to compete in what is a different sport?
It's FT, but different..... imho can not be a true world championship if competitors are forced into different rules every year when a different nation hosts the event.
Yes again that is the true problem. It is from my own perspective anyway.

Is it time we adopted one set of rules for all global domestic FT though? Is the UK ready for the possibility that rules from outer mongbatvia become the default?

IMHO until we have a uniform set of "International WFTF class" of rules adopted at RGB level (every single RGB), and all aspiring International shooters participating in that class we won't get the unifrom Core Rules at successive World Champs that everyone wants. Its human nature for hosts to want to put their "spin" on things.

You see now why its going to take time to mould into the "Rugby" model of sporting administration? The IRB tells member countries what will happen, whereas Countries tell the WFTF what will happen. If it goes down the path of homogenising FT, it will become something UK shooters may not recognise as their own invention any more........and are you really ready for that...........?

........ develop slowly rather than a sudden change. There must be a surge of sunspots recently with all the turmoil going on

Just one more thought:

Is it time for World rankings under one set of rules, for those who cannot afford to travel to Worlds every year? A World ladder system, based upon your place in your own Domestic competition....but ranked by your RGB's/Team's placing at World Champs Team event? You see the vast majority of FT shooters will never aspire to attend the World Champs, unless it rotates through their Country, so how do we get everyone on the same page around the world? This is where getting people to think outside their own borders will have the effect of bringing the sport together under one set of rules.

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