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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Bisley was top form today, wicked wind making it a tough Ft course.

Started the day with a quick shopping trip that would have been even quicker if Douglas Barder (Mathew) had not decided for 10 minutes he would like to be the new Davie Crocket / Rambo.

Most impressed with the Lord charles shop but alas they were out of Buffalo skin jackets so the only option for a Gimp coat that fits are custum made or Diet. Apparentyl Cows only go to size 62

Luckily there were delicious diet Bluebury Muffins on offer after todays shoot and very nice they were too.

Course started with some very tricky targets behind signing on, wind was not in the kill and off plate. Still, started well and kept the momentum up, the Zig - Zag layout in the woods worked a treat, great design.
I claim a 35 ( 33 ) as i was talked off 2 targets by Team Tondu of all people Still, once past 30 it was auto pilot and all was well.

Once again, many thanks to Justin "Woody" Wood.

At first I thaught he was trying to hide in the woods and not wanting to shoot with me, turns out he was blowing whistles? Another great round, well for one of us. However, its been great fun and sport to shooot with you Prancer over the last three shoots and look forward to pulling some strings again soon.

Thanks to all CSFT chaps and lasses for the shoots over the last few weeks, been very enjoyable.
It has been a joy to see all you lads at the CSFTA winter leagues. I do miss it when we stay in our home counties in the winter.

I'm glad you enjoyed the course today i enjoyed it even if i crashed and burned. But Sarah held up the bisley ladies flag and flew it big and proud.

Thanks to Terry Ord whom was in charge of where to put the targets and almost breaking his neck to get them where he wanted.
Mick woodhead and Sarah for thier invaliable help as well as Keith Parris whom helped even though not entering.
I will pass on the great comments and look forward to Carisbrooke.

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