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Originally Posted by greyskullnz View Post
Everything you mention is entirely correct and makes sense.

The problem is not all RGB's shoot FT the same way the UK does. Would the UK shooters agree to a permanent change to FT Global rules which changed the face of the FT sport to something unrecogniseable to you? It would be unenjoyable for you to do such a thing.

Same applies to other Nations, who have now an investment in the game, and wish just as much to find a common ground, but at the same time do not feel the UK rules are the set to follow for various reasons.

It is not an overnight fix........
That's fair comment, each country would want their specific variation accepted as the norm and certainly not an easy fix, but should be fixable?

After all, is it fair for competitors from many countries to travel to a "worlds" titled event to compete in what is a different sport?
It's FT, but different..... imho can not be a true world championship if competitors are forced into different rules every year when a different nation hosts the event.
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