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Originally Posted by Dave Ramshead View Post
Although i've not a been a regular FT competitor for a few years now, it looks like FT is not progressing as it should (or deserves) which is quite sad.

For the sport to be taken seriously, a single set of rules must be adopted without any local RGB interpretation.

.....a game of footy is played to the same rules in England as it is in any other country, so when the World Cup is held, it's the same game as normal....

....You train to a set of standards, and expect to compete to a known set of rules.....

Could you imagine if the next 10m world champs were held in the Outer Republic of Mongbekistan and their local rules version was shot at 100m with 1000x scopes....

The core rules should cover EVERYTHING and not leave anything open to local interpretation.

Everything you mention is entirely correct and makes sense.

The problem is not all RGB's shoot FT the same way the UK does. Would the UK shooters agree to a permanent change to FT Global rules which changed the face of the FT sport to something unrecogniseable to you? It would be unenjoyable for you to do such a thing.

Same applies to other Nations, who have now an investment in the game, and wish just as much to find a common ground, but at the same time do not feel the UK rules are the set to follow for various reasons.

It is not an overnight fix........
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