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Although everyone is generally chuffed that the WFTF is growing (...I think this must rate as one of the world's all time fastest growing sports.....) it will present it's own problem's in the not too distant future.

The Competion is 2 or 3 days long (though we use 3...), with 150 targets or 50 targets per day. Personally, I become bored out of my box having to wait on the "usual" other 2 shooters on my lane...nothing's just the wait. Concentration wanes, and I wonder if the Maian calender is right and the end of the world is set for 21.12.12 ... When you're on a roll, your mind is usually in total shooting mode.... and when you've finished the course, it's amzing how tired you can be.

150 targets is also a lot of cash to fork out on a do that won't repeat itself for maybe another 15-20 years.

No matter which way we look at, there has to be a restriction on the number of entrants from each nation. For us in Norway, currently, we don't have a problem with that. England, South Africa, Germany, Poland etc on the other hand have a problem. Perhaps some early planning is required, and national qualifiers are required to determine who goes, or who takes priority ?

In 1992 at the first World's in Fareham, all 25 lanes started with a resident marshal (those who would shoot last). Everyone shot through at a good pace - no hold ups (except for strings or target malfunction), and as each shooter completed his/her round and delivered card/stored gun, they relieved each of the marshals in turn from lane 1, 2, 3 and so on, on a rotating basis. I liked this ! No chit-chat - just the job in hand. Not only did I enjoy the shoot, but being a marshal, you got to see the face behind the name.

In '92 there were 153 competitors and just 1 course of 50 targets. I think we went through in about 6 hours. Another 150 would be quicker as all the lanes are loaded. Start early enough ca. 08:30 and we should be done by 5 or 6pm.

I think 3 minutes for 2 targets is way too long. Considering FT assimulates hunting, I haven't met a rabbit yet who'll wait for you to get comfortable, check you scope half a dozen times ... and still miss

2 targets 2 minutes ...ample !

And, if you query the amount of time, remember - we had side shoots galore to keep us happy during the wait, or once we'd shot and marshalled !

Suggestions then ? As we are, the Fareham way or ?
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