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Youíre going to get faults in some batches of any product, whether its scopes, guns, mounts etc, I donít know of any mass produced items that you wonít.

One thing to check with the 6500 is though there are some out there that will only parallax down to 25 yards so if possible open the box before you leave the shop.

As I said before I gave this scope a go before the season started and in the club comps it performed well, clearing 3 courses out of 5, but when I did some range testing thought I was getting some parallax error only to find out later it was a problem with the gun.
I did get some eye strain but this was after approx 10 hour range session, which I think you may get with a lot of scopes.
What I do like about this scope is that itís not too dissimilar to the EB, but with the added bonus of brighter optics and the rainguard, and with it being true on 10 mag Iíve not got to learn new aimpoints.

I would say imo itís not worth the RRP of £787 but I do like the scope and its on the Walther ready to give a good go again this weekend and maybe even use it at M.A.D

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