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Default EV2 MK2 Problem

EV2 MK2 Problem

From the little knowledge I have, it appears to be a regulator leak?

A bit about the rifle:

The rifle has had very little to no use at all over the past couple of years. It was serviced by Hydrographics along with having minor superficial modifications a good few months back and other than having a string of shots through it to check performance (which was very good) it has not been used at all apart from the last couple of days.

Also since coming back from Hydrographics the rifle has a lot of adjustment via the ventury screw, it will go as low as around 450fps and as high as 850fps using 7.9 prems (the rifle was initially sent off for a service because it would not go above 755fps via the ventury, the hammer or both.

All the numbers below were obtained using Air Arms 4.52 pellets.

Ive been trying to set it up for HFT the past couple of days and while doing so I wanted to know the point of impact at 10, 15, 20 & 25 Yards when zeroed at 40 Yards.

Below are the chrono readings I got at the 5 yard increments:

10yds 15yds 20yds 25yds

There was around a 5 to 10 minute gap between the 10 to 15 yard set of readings, 15 to 20 yard set of readings and so on while the target was repositioned and the point of impact measured.

After leaving the rifle for around another 20 minutes or so I took a further 2 chrono readings.

1st shot 764
2nd shot 783

As can be seen from the numbers the 1st shot is consistently lower in power and it appears the longer its left the lower itll be.

So the question is does anybody know the problem and more importantly anyone know of someone local (Leigh/Wigan) who could sort it?
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