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Default Not well thought out

Im a bit lost with this,

The World Champs is an open competition so anyone can enter? The teams only being allowed 8 is wrong, unless the RGB's can out more than 1 team in? That would mean England, South Africa etc would have more than 1 team there???

Things like accomodation has to be in place with the venue from the start, if there are no rooms available now and it is the beginning of feb then god help what it will be like in say April when people finally decide to go. Im not to sure that the hosts have thought of much regarding overseas shooters.

This will put more people off wanting to travel to shoot the Worlds, Ive never heard of what the Italian are proposing before. I honestly dont think they know what they are doing. Has anyone ever seen these rules of teams etc being brought in bofore???

I know I have opted out from going due to personal reasons this year and was looking forward to going at one stage, I think Im glad now that Im not going looking at the changes that have been brought up etc. Time will tell though Im sure....

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