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Maybe before we start slating the Italians we ought to check that things are just not lost in translation. Maybe their system of picking a team is easier than ours. We do have hundreds to choose from.

Would all those English who are intending to go maybe step forward so the EFTA know how many They are speaking about. I mean only less than twenty five went to Hungary.

Seems your in a hurry for info but actually donít even let EFTA know you would like to enter and if depending on GPís whether you make the team.
I do realise that we have to book things and registar but we donít have to rush in.

As for the hotels maybe they are better catered for Italians and we get the ones that can communicate with us foreigners.

Saying that maybe i shouldnít look at hotels

I have booked flight regardless of whats said i shall sort the rest when we know more

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