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Originally Posted by greyskullnz View Post
If that ends up being the situation Don, stay in touch with me and we will ensure you get a place Any other NZ citizen in a similar situation planning to attend can do the same. QUOTE]

Think you need to live in the country of the team that you shoot for? Irrespective of nationality.
Ian and Connor had a problem in Hungary.

Anyway, hope it doesn't come to this!!

Lost in translation perhaps??

As the originator of the current WFTF rule on nationality, I can comment on its intent......... it still applies to place of birth, Parents' place of birth as well as place of residence.

Don is a Kiwi born and educated here. Good onya mate. It will not impact upon team places, but we will try to ensure he gets to Worlds if he so wishes, under our flag. If it is of no consequence and he can go under the English flag, he can do so with our support.

If you live in one place for 1 year, you can be eligible for that National team, alternatively if you were born in another place you can also represent that Country as part of its National team. The choice sits with the shooter which to represent. FT is not a professional sport, it is not the Olympics, and it is all about participation not exclusion.

Regarding Team Wales and the trouble in Hungary.........well, what can I say? Fair cop boyo

The one year residence was not intended to disenfranchise citzens of one Country from their birthright, just enhance participation in FT if you happen to have to live to work somewhere else.........

I think Johan would have been keen to not have the same infringement happen again after the USA/Canada ringer in 2009. The Canadian concerned was switched into the USA team on the third day to boost scores, as it was claimed he was an AAFTA member (but lived in Canada).


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