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Originally Posted by CharlieM View Post
Fair do's maybe contradicts slightly with a post on SA forum but take your point.

I think the potential issue I was flagging re high mag scopes and considering ways of focusing on the skill elements of FT has got slightly clouded now and mixed with assumptions of kit envy, interesting debate nonetheless. Be interesting to see what the scope of choic is in a couple of years time.
Yeh, its probably an exponential curve, the more you get on with it, the more you get back. But the more you struggle, the more it won't reap any improvement over anything else.

You can see the teeth on cable ties at 55, and flies' legs at that distance, but you have to have it steady to do it. With the 80x, i found the exit pupil a strain on me. But if you can rangefind to a degree where you're happy, then really these offer what is out there, but off the shelf and new. I'd the march and PII have the legs on everything else optically (that's not a conclusive opinion on the PMII cos i only held one for a few mins), but optical quality isn't that important for ranging if the number comes in and the thing falls.
I would say the march's handling of flare and reflection is very good.

Dunno, have a peek when im next down and see what you think. I expect that in comparison, many will be quite happy with what they have when comparing the outlay. Like i've said, my custom shop is arguably worth 1/8th of the price... the march can never be 8x the value in terms of performance, but it's the law of diminishing returns.

I would hate to see someone thinking you need one of these to get anywhere in the sport, because i dont think the worlds was won by a s&b, more the man behind it. I would also hate to think of someone spending 1000's on a 80 + anschutz 9003 and being disappointed that it isn't giving them titles, having been lead by the hype.

I hope to see a boat load of falcons out there... i'm waiting for mine
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