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You need to be a resident of the country for one year.

The rule used to be that you could not shoot for another country within 5yrs but this was changed to one year (I think to accomodate NZ shooters). It was only after clarrification at the Worlds (and some embarrasment) that the WFTF President clarified the matter that it was residency for one year. It didn't matter that I was a full member of Nelson FT club (WAFTA/Wales) and I have shot for them in BFTA shoots for 2 years, I still couldn't shoot for them as I don't live in Wales.

I think the current Italian situation is a joke, if the sillyness continues I'll not be attending! It is well over a yar ago that all RGB voted on a course format for core rules, can we not simply put together a set of core rules and stop this mockery.

Just thought about it a little more, NOT going now, see you all at the Europeans, a well organised shoot, where rules are clear and coherent!
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