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Greg, Louise, it has been a pleasure to know and shoot with you both. You know what I do apart from FT, life is a journey, an adventure, be it on the shooting line at Millride, or be it at say Aswan railway station needing to get 200km up the Nile but all the trains stopped for who knows how long and no-one really knowing what's what! Times like this we learn sometimes it is a struggle but we eventually work it out (and yes we got a car in the end, cost us 400LE (about 42) and did get to Luxor!) I too have had to stop a while but in the end found my way back. You where and as far as I'm concerned still are one of the true gentlemen of FT and sincerally hope you and Lou find your way back onto the line. All the best in building your future together, the road isn't easy but we got there and know you will do too, and when you can your eventual return to the fold.

Keep on mate and don't loose touch!
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