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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Luep not alot better than T35 in terms of lens quality either perhaps if you have a good t35? You can see the difference, but the t35 is a very good scope.
At one point I was in a position where I had both a T35 and a Leupold Competition 35x at the same time so I did a bit of sided by side testing.

Setting both scopes to look at the same object, at a quick look you would be inclined to say there was little difference between them, however spend a bit more time with them and you can see the better optics of the Leupold. As to actual range finding there was little in it between the two.

All in all I would rate the T35 very highly, especially when the price is taken into account as well. The Leupold is overall better optically and mechanically but you pay accordingly.

I think it is a damned shame the T35 is out of production, it could be a very good contender for FT in its price bracket.

Originally Posted by Artfull-Bodger View Post
the kit you use is relative to how seriously you take your sport, if your in it for the fun then your not going to start spending 2k on a scope, you will find what works for you and your wallet and go from there!

I'm in my second year of FT using equipment that is suitable for the job I started with a Webley Vulcan and a 6x40 in C class, that was good enough to get me into B, I then "progressed" to a Webley Omega with a 4-14x50pa scope and won a couple of class trophies with it, now I use a HW100S mossies and a T50 development scope, and thats got me into A class, would I splash out on a Walther and a Leup at the moment , no, my misses are my own fault and untill I can say the equipment is holding me back I will keep on plugging away!

But, I dont resent it when I am beaten by people with more expensive kit, I just respect thier skills relative to my own!
Excellent and astute analysis and a commendable attitude to FT.
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