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Default Target placement


I understand your point fella and I know we have chatted about this a few times now. It is all down to the course builders to ensure that the course isnt set out stupidly. I can tell you for a fact that when Nelson had their last GP in 2009, we had 12 over 50 yards 18 in the 40 yards distanc\e and a few full kills in the 30 yard area.

It is all about target placement on the day that makes the course good, not the fact that you have to have all the 40mm kills long due to alot of reduce kill targets being put in. Various things were put to the BFTA at the last meeting regarding this but the rules were passed by vote. We will haave to try it for the year and see how it goes, if it doesnt work then make new representations of what people want and then change it.

I for one will not be putting alot of 50+ yarders out for the GP in Nelson, when planning the course myself, Doz, Jack, Simon Tipping etc plan the course best to suit the ground and surroundings to get the best out of it. That would mean I wouldnt want people coming off the course saying god that was too hard, I am knackered from shooting that etc.. People should be coming off the course saying how much fun they had shooting it etc.

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