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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Ok, hoped you would not be as quick to spot and i could bury that bit.

But, a good course builder will learn and hopefully by the time we see 15 ml kills in Gp, will know that placing them in windy conditions at 15+ yards (on todays winds) would make them lottery.

Of course, for reasons beyong me a course builder cant use them until a Gp and so he wont know lol

But thats good or bad courses, not targets? Today was just a joke though, remoinded me of millride Gp two years ago, but without the rain.

Still say a 15 ml kill in a sheltered lane is the way to go.
Not disagreeing it will all be about target placement the only problem is with 8x 25mm kills and 2x 15 mm killls + 10 disciplins that leaves 30 target which with the current standard 20 of these will be over 50 yards add the rest over 40 yards there aint gonna be many c and b graders turning up for long>
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