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Hi guys, this smells of underhanded goings on, they have booked the best hotels for themselves and left the dregs for everyone else, there can be only 8 from each country?, so each governing body will have to pick who can and cannot go, (if you have already booked flights and cannot register then tuff poopoo is what they are saying).
what is CFP? for individual, could it be for FAC? (so 12ftlb) cannot win this catagory?, only team event?.
And you can only book in if you already have flights/licence/hotel pre booked?

They need to be told this just isnt on!
If they wont back down, this leaves few options, A couple come to mind ( now i'm sure a good few other countries will be feeling the same way! ) We liase with other member countries and force their hand / We liase
with the other member countries to have a Boycott or strip them of the right to hold this competition and have it assigned to another country who can put it on!

Yours well and truly peed off!.
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