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Originally Posted by villiers View Post
On March 11, will be made available seats may be released from various RGB shooters with less than 8 members ( so if i go it will have to be for NZ i hope)
If that ends up being the situation Don, stay in touch with me and we will ensure you get a place Any other NZ citizen in a similar situation planning to attend can do the same. We are unlikely to field a full 8, and hope it reverts to an open entry registration for all others wishing to attend, in the original spirit of the game.

I'm not happy that WFTF Core Rules seems to be changed unilaterally, regarding allowed shooting clothing/jackets/gloves and single point slings, which are clearly permitted under the Core Rules but disallowed under the Italian rules for the Worlds.

The WFTF CORE RULES are immutable no matter how an RGB feels on any particular issue, or what their domestic rules are. Where CORE RULES do not deal with an issue specifically, domestic rules apply, and of course where a law states otherwise. The priority has always been" individual World Champion", not National Team Champion, so an open individual entry is more important than a set number per RGB.


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