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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Not a total waste of time todays practise session but almost.

Tondu 2 was to say the least windy

Went high on first two, then hit miss for about 10. Wind increased to the point where 35 and 40 yard kneelers needed 3- 4 inches of wind, then the 50 yard sitter which i hit 3 ex 15! Of the three, windage was 6, 9 and 12 inches, off plate! Went for the closer 40 yarder. 4 inches off plate! Was just aiming at trees, not targets lol

Gave up and attacked the 25 yard 15 ml kill. 2-3 inches of wind! 0 ex 4

So back to tondu 1 as was not happy with set up. Bit quieter here and indeed, 55 was 2 clicks over, so not a wasted day totally!

Hopeful;ly will get to set up BEV saturday and try Holly's Ultra at last?
Remind me what we was saying about 15mm kills at 25 yards(Fancy me chances tomorrow night euro millions only 76,000,000-1 odds)
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