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Default Help!


All shooters ITALIAN WORLD FIELD TARGET participants in 2011 VELO D’ASTICO

Registration opens today, February 3, 2011
Initially, each giving the same opportunity to RGB, the number enrolled is limited to 8 participants for each of the 28 RGB for a total of 224
On March 11, will be made available seats may be released from various RGB shooters with less than 8 members

Whats an RGB?

CFP individual
SPRINGER Individual
PCP teams (national teams consisting of up to 8 shooters, counted the results of the best 4)
SPRINGER team (national teams composed of up to five shooters, the best three results counted, will be activated only to the provision of at least 3 national teams)
The following enrollment and the amounts for a single person

Am i CFP?

Send to
e-mail with the following data:

category (springer / piston - PCP)
Hotels / hotel on arrival / departure date from the hotel

Thursday Dinner YES / NO How many people
Gala Dinner Yes / No How many people
Lunch after the race YES / NO those
Total amount

Does everyone normally stay together for dinner. Do the Brits do their own thing? Can i take sandwiches?

Entry € 60
Dinner on Thursday, 23 €
Gala Dinner € 30

Whats Gala dinner?

Lunch € 15 after race
(Fri, Sat, Sun)

Race? Thats me out? Presume it means lunch after shoot each day?

Payment must accompany registration and must be made by bank transfer to:

The following hotels provided for shooters Italians, however, not far from the hotels reserved for foreigners in case you want to familiarize yourself with others:

Been given names of two other hotels, we are in the Schio

ITALY Hotel RISEN Francesco Rossi 20
36011 Arsiera (VI)
Tel 0445 740345

17 Via Longhi
36011 Arsiera (VI)
Tel 0445 714263

B & B La Casa di Alice
Family Banal
Via G. Pascoli 6
36010 Cogollo D.G. (VI)
Tel 0445 880195
Mobile 3355308869 to 3386197774

Restaurant and Guest House George and Flora
Via Baldo 1
36010 LAKE CURTAIN Lobster (VI)
Tel 0445 713061

Italian info not translated:
BFTA Grading Q's to;
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BFTA updates on

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