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Originally Posted by RobF View Post

But then i think my custom shop perhaps only had me at a few, and then that was doing a lot of shooting, some under extreme conditions. I reckon within the UK, it really cost me nothing, and certainly not in comparison to my actual shooting errors or lack of skill.

To me though, it is the B & C's where the perception is that kit maketh the shooter or that people are concerned that it's a negative reflection that those shooters may be seeing, largely because the performance improvements are steep at that stage, and they see kit changes which seem to go hand in hand with improvements and think hello... x kit = x hits. I had the same scope and rifle in B that I had in AA. The Leup I sold that I couldnt get on with benefitted the buyer to a degree that saw him equal my scores since he bought it, yet it cost 3x what mine is worth, and I couldn't use it to the same degree.

You have kit. You have a shooter. And there is also a skill in the marriage between the two for the benefit of the shooter, and also a skill in using them.

We had the same thing with rifles and jackets. Jackets it's perceived make you hit standers, so i went out of my way to miss 50% of them last year to demonstrate it aint the case
I'll gloss over your recent record with standers for risk of pot and kettle!

So would it be fair to say that if the range was posted at the gate and you were using a tip top 25mag scope (just as an example) you'd have as much chance at hitting the target as you do now, no more no less?
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