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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I think there would, because if everyone had exactly the same scope, i bet people wouldn't come up with the same answer, or be able to be as consistent with it as others were. For a start, lets say it was fixed on 80 for rangefinding, i think say C and B grade shooters might struggle to hold it steady enough, seriously.
Steady? Hehehe Wouldn't even find the target .. maybe a different target in another lane! As a novice I would say the biggest problem would be the extra top-heavy weight if the obj was large enough to let in enough light to be able to see detail on those black plates with a much pummeled dirty grey-ish yellow-as-was KZ targets. Higher mag is most useful though when a reducer is hard to see in amongst the pellet strikes later in the course after everyone else has hit off a bit.
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