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Default Scope making costs

[In terms of rules kit is where they really aren't any which has made the sport what it is but let's hypothesise and remove cost element altogether; if there was an 80 mag scope available at 300 quid which range finds to the half yard all the way out to 55 would there much point in continuing to range find for competitive purposes? I'm honestly not sure myself.[/QUOTE]


The problem is to get the quality in the scope, you have to pay for the lenses and build quality etc. If they made a 80 mag scope that was that good for 300 then I am sure they would flood the scene. That would be looked at as wrong most probably.

The costs to make the scopes is why for example the March scopes are so expensive. They as well as S&B, Zeiss etc pay the top money for the best lenses they can buy for their scopes. Thats what is a big expense for the scope building. If the lenses were alot cheaper then I am sure all manufacturers of scopes would decrease the prices of their scopes. Sadly it is the quality of parts used that determine the price of scopes or rifles etc. thats the way it is for everything sadly bud. I know your not having a go at me personally but you can see why I would bite at what has been said fella......

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