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Can't remember what the 100 is might not be available yet in fairness but saw mention of it on one of the US bench rest sites.

Berty, please don't take this personally chap it's not an attack on you or your new baby I've only mentioned you as a top level shooter with a massive mag scope if you read my first post i said it was great if the new scope gives you more enjoyment. Just to add I'm not proposing to take this to my rep for discussion at committee as i said I'm playing devils advocate a bit but I think it's a reasonable point of discussion. Agree with what you say in terms of rifles too but I suppose the slight difference is that if a gun is reliable (stock fit aside) I'm not sure if it gives you an advantage in perhaps the same way? Dunno?

In terms of rules kit is where they really aren't any which has made the sport what it is but let's hypothesise and remove cost element altogether; if there was an 80 mag scope available at 300 quid which range finds to the half yard all the way out to 55 would there much point in continuing to range find for competitive purposes? I'm honestly not sure myself.
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