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Originally Posted by Dale View Post
I personally think that consideration needs to be given to how to keep FT attractive to the newcomer - who will see the 'mega' kit in use and is likely to be taken aback by the costs. If the sport doesn't keep monitoring how to encourage newcomers the possibility of FT going extinct over time is a possibility and I do hope that does not happen.
I agree Dale, which is why i try and hammer this dead as much as possible, and why i was so pleased to hear Falcon launching an FT scope for the 400 bracket.

Perhaps we need to promote newer shooters more, I can think of Dan Privett in CSFTA with an S400 and his Nikko Nighteater that's pumping in good scores at the moment.

The regions should be the breeding ground, but they suffer from having an regional viewpoint that doesn't project beyond that into the national view. All regions have loads of shooters who never step outside their boundaries, but the spotlight falls on the national series.

Taking a leaf out of say the Daystate Midland series from HFT, it's more exposure at the regional/club that's required in my book, more aimed at the lower grades in the national series... but it takes a lot of work, and there's no doubt that there's already a lot going in just keeping clubs and committees running. It's one of the reasons I started this site, because competition shooting just seemed to be being pushed out in favour of selling the same old, by the same old methods, to the same old people, by the same old people.
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