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Originally Posted by Ian C mon View Post
Thats not good enough , get your shooting *** back on the firing line .you new you would get no change from me !Wat you need is not a girl friend ........then you would not be deserting all us shooting buddies......PS thanks Louise

It's Okay Ian I completley understand and was quite upset that it has come to this myself.
Greg was all about FT when i first met him and if you cut him in half there would be a circle ingrained in lettering like on a stick of rock of "FT Forever".

But we have to be realistic about life and we have to start ours. I will always look for avenues for Greg to return (because i loved it too). But just at the moment we just can't afford the petrol.

I did suggest that Greg buy a scooter and strap his gun to it to go to shoots but he Obviously declined

I wish you all the best of luck in your competitions, and i WILL try and get him back as soon as possible.

Take care all
Louise x
(Gregs Girlfriend)
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