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I also think that for 95% of the time, the custom shop is adequate for me, probably more in the uk. I can cite examples where i think the march has outperformed other scopes, but then they fall into the 5%, which i reckon are outside 95% of even the regular circuit shooter's experience. These are the dark of the evening Euskadi day 1, one target perhaps in the showdown final, in the open section at Hungary afternoon day3, and a target in scotland at the GP. It handled the Shires 100 well, but only once Andrew Gillott had given me his advice on shift, and even then i was undecided for 4 lanes.

The custom shop's failings were in 45 degree heat and sun in SA day 3, problems with back glare at Harriers and South Dorset, and reflections at East Devon, oh and me redoing the ranges the day before the scottish GP 2 years ago.

This year I had the showdown and the shires 100, a joint top score in a GP, and a 3rd... last year without the march I had CSFTA and SWEFTA titles, Bisley Classic, a 2nd and a 3rd in a GP.

To me it's like buying a better car for driving... you can still get to a-b in a morris minor, and for the most part it's just as capable, it's just more comfortable in a BMW, and there are times when the better car will work better, but it's no GPS replacement for map reading...

Hand on heart, I don't believe it's for everyone or required. Do I see a problem with the perception, yes, but I don't think that will ever change, because it's in peoples' heads.

Perhaps we could do with a Team Bodge next year... springers, nikkos and pellets from the tin. No other expense allowed unless it's nails and 4x2 bits of wood. Then we could ask everyone beforehand to stick a 1 in a pot, and only hand them back if they better their scores... I bags Marc Fisher, Nick Murphy for starters
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