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Originally Posted by Magic Bus View Post
Well I'm happy for people to buy/use whatever they want. Personally I have returned to FT with cheap gear because I'm on a tight budget (MK1 EV and Falcon T35) and have enjoyed every minute of it
Well, if the aim is to increase the competitive skills and technology is available. How about adding a couple or few electronic targets (really not sure if they are practical, power, etc but thinking several mil-dots off the top of my head). Then rather than a 1pt for hitting a 40mm circle you could go for a 10 by getting inside a 5mm V-Bull which would challenge everyone even on a totally calm day. It could be a 3rd target out there so the other two can be traditional FT with the 3rd one for those who choose that category. The gear could travel to each meeting and be a regional purchase rather than every club having them (or each club could have one for practice and bring it along to make up a set. Has another advantage - no arguing about whether the pellet hit the KZ but it didn't fall over (which happens to everyone but is such a disruption to concentration).

OK. I really can't see this working but anything to avoid having lasers shining around and everyone having to wear eye protection

FT is an enjoyable hobby with great, like-minded people. Please to keep it so

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