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answer yes, but no, 60, 80 and especially 100 wont remove that element.

when i went from 40x to 60x there were a number of issues... firstly i had to assess what the scope was capable of working with in order to tell me the range to the best of both of our abilities... so that meant i had to do some work, but luckily it suited how i like to do it, so it was easier to progress down that route. Then, I had to work on my rig setup so that i could place my eye to the scope so it was at it's best, and with a 0.85mm exit pupil, that is fine fettling ( i am still surprised how many don't setup their rigs/scopes/position so they are working to their best)... then i had to improve my natural point of aim so i could find the target in the narrow field of view (30cm at 50m), and improve my position so it was still enough to hold the detail that the scope required to deliver the rangefinding results i had seen when bench resting it. And lastly, i have to remember to do things like check I am shooting the right bloody target (which cost me 2 shots and a top 10 at the worlds, along side my bad performance on the standers on day 2)

These things will yeild rangefinding improvements, but I don't believe they are the scope for everyone. I am still undecided that the 80 would give anything over what the 60 does, for me.

What's the 100?
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