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Default mag limit

Originally Posted by CharlieM View Post
Berty, my post which Jev quoted was slightly tongue in cheek and whilst I personally have no interest in laser rangefinders I do think we need to consider where our sport is headed "if" we are getting to the point where you can buy a "significant" advantage. That's not a sport of skill. Is a top limit on magnification such a terrible idea if we want to keep rangefinding a competitive element of the sport?

I wouldnt be happy if we turned around and said that there will be a limit on the mag used etc.

I could have bought the 50 mag version of my scope but it wasnt much difference in price for the 80 mag version. So thats why I paid that bit extra for what I wanted.

Why should there be more restrictions etc added to the sport, people say enough now about rules and changes that restrict things within the sport.

You say about being elitist etc, there are alot of lads in WAFTA and in the GP's that do use kit that cost a fraction of the money to say what I have bought. They shoot damn well and are improving well. It is like any sport that you get involved in, if you can afford the better kit to help improve you then you would buy it.

I used my Weaver for 5 years and have done well with it. I set up Ian Harford's march and could see the difference in it compared to my Weaver and thought if I could afford one I would buy 1. I had to sell alot of good kit on to pay for it and I love the scope. Now people are saying on here that maybe we should limit the mag, use laser rangefinders etc, that would bring all the **** into the sport that we had years ago with being elitist etc.

You attend GP's yourself Charlie, so you should also know that the most expensive kit doesnt win all the shoots. John Costello uses his old Leup, Calps uses his Nikko, Ozzy uses his Leup Comp etc. These lads are always up there and always will be.

Look at rifles then, would you prefer to spend 1700 for your Steyr (new) or do you think you would shoot better and be happier using a rifle that would be used for beginners say, an Air Arms S400. People could say your being elitist then due to the price of your gun. I dont jump in and shout about what other people pay for their kit as it is their choice. If people could afford these SUPER scopes etc, then Im sure there would be more on the circuit.

Why try and shoot down people who have wanted to try and improve their kit to try and improve their scores etc??????????

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