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Originally Posted by CharlieM View Post
I very much agree that I don't think rangefinding is such a significant aspect of the sport certainly compared to wind estimation and good discipline technique but in fairness without putting words in Berty's mouth his post implies he has bought his scope to improve his rangefinding. FT is very much a sport for people that love their kit and tech but it has and continues to be accused of being elitist and I doubt many newbs without the hindsight of knowledge would feel they could compete with people using 5 grand plus rigs and will not even dip a toe in the water and lets not pretend SFT is a route in for them.

I guess going back to the earlier days of FT Nick J having a scope that was way above that of most others was a factor in his success but I'm not sure there is much positive to say for that.
True, cos kit is seen as a quick fix. You hand over the cash or card, 2 mins later with allen keys, you're a world champ.

However, when I do an assessment of a shooter, it probably takes around a day to get it all done. Now, kit setup might be an element, but i reckon scope choice beyond the basics won't be. All you need is something that tells 50 from 55, 3 times out of 5... doesn't matter how big the gaps are, it's nice to know where 52.5 is, but not critical, even knowing its not 50 or 55 but somewhere in between is good enough. 5-7 clicks 1/4 moa between 50 and 55... run mozzies at 800 and high mounts, dunno, 5?

If i find a shooter cant tell 50-55 with a regular hit rate, then first i would work on techniques for bettering that rate before I even considered looking at another scope. You use bad (or what i consider less than ideal) rangefinding techniques and it will still throw a march out. But it's no use if the scope can't be held on it's rangefinding mag still enough to use it. My game had to be upped for 60x, 80x will demand work from everyone i suspect.

Ask a shooter to tell you what their wobble radius is at 55yds... ie properly measure it, or if you're being really punishing honest, strap a 2-5 laser pointer to the rifle and video it and measure it... say over 10 secs. You might find some startling results in difference between the results... might be fun one day to set it up as a side competition at a GP I know what mine is...
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