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still takes skill and knowledge to get the best out of the kit... laser rangefinders aren't accurate enough anyway... and you'd need to spend a pretty penny to get them in the right ball park. Try it on a course... tis why i use tape for setting a course and not them... they're ok ish, but normally +/- 1m at best on a good reading target, try a tricky dark black one for a laugh.

World champ used s&B, calps 2nd nikko, craig 3rd a leup, conor i can't remember, mark a burris (which also won last year's title), Andras s&b, Dave a nikko, Dave S a leup i think, John a leup, Petrus I can't remember.

So in the top 10 worlds, most of the people are using sub 1k scopes, and out of top 3 for last 2 years, there's been one "super scope" in the top 3.

I did the same placing in the GP series with the march as I did with a custom shop. Apart from the march, i don't think there's an super scope in the top 10 last year. It will be interesting to see what happens this year, but i remember Newbury in 2005 or 6 and there were leups from one end of the line to the other... and mine was 1000+ when purchased in late 80's.

Granted kit is a factor, but it's a skill of shooter to be able to match that with them to make an improvement... no use having a race gun if it don't fit, no use in knowing the range with a better degree of certainty if the wind cant be judged or the aim placed. 90% of the time, the custom shop does the same job as the march, it's only under testing conditions where the difference is actually working, and that's a handful of situations. Knowing the range is a small part of it... i know the latest thing since sliced bread is all the rage, but talk to the top shots about what puts a top score in and I don't think rangefinding comes that high on the list.

Give me the choice between being able to hit standers as well as kneelers n sitters using the custom shop, and not being able to but using the march and it wouldn't be easy to decide... if i was shooting just in the uk, it's highly likely i'd stick with the custom shop.
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