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Default Laser range finders and marking distances

Im not quite sure what the hell your on about here???

You say the biggest challenge etc is estimating windage etc etc, within FT a MASSIVE part of it is range finding. Thats is why lads and ladies spend hard earned cash to pay for better optics. It is the same for HFT the competitiors pay the extra money for better optics and build quality.

To turn around and say well we should use laser range finders or put the distances out for the people to use is mad, Ive just spent alot of money on my scope to improve range finding etc for the sport that I love and have competed in for over 20 years. I have bought the scope to help myself IMPROVE my scores.

Where do you get off telling FT that they should change the way the sport is run to suit yourself. If people want to spend 2500 or so on a scope then let them do it. If you were paying for the scopes then Id let you carry on but to say that Laser range finding scopes should be used is nuts. That takes out the challenge of the sport for ranging the distance etc. It would take away the dark targets that are hard to rangefind etc making the sport boring not better.

If we haad a day with hardly no wind then how damn boring would that be, the scores would all be high and there would be shoot offs everywhere, unless the thought of it is to make your scores improve etc. Personally I think it is mad that someone would want laser range finders brought in just to ensure they get the ranges of the targets right. Next thing you will want added would be wind meters next to the target so you would then know how much wind to give when taking the shot, or even a spotter to tell you what the meter is saying so that you dont give to much wind etc etc......

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