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Originally Posted by CharlieM View Post
Best scope is the one that's on top of the rifle that scores 100% on the day, that probably gives a list of at least 6 models. It so ambiguous really. An FT scope needs to range find accurately and repeatably, needs good robust elevation adjustment that will cope with constant use and lastly ideally doesn't alter too much in different temp and light conditions. I'd argue thats all it needs to do and everything else is a nice to have in terms of clarity and brightness, on that basis there are a fair few scopes that meet the needs.

There's been a lot of scope discussion around lately and its only natural that we are all seeking the best kit that we can obtain either for personal satisfaction or the quest for those two extra hits. Take a shooter like Mark who is probably one of the top 10 shots in the world based on recent results. I personally doubt that his new scope will improve his scores through its range finding ability it might improve it indirectly through confidence and pshychological edge but I doubt Berty misranged many targets during last years GPs if any. But I'm sure the March will be a pleasure to use and if that increase his enjoyment so much the better

All that aside and sorry for going off thread a bit, but with the arrival of 80 mag scopes are we entering the stage where rangefinding is merely and arbitrary factor and no longer a competitive element of the sport. If the new wave of uber scopes can range find to such fine accuracy and assuming they are consistent might it not be as well just to provide the distance to target at the gate ranged get rid of range finding all together??
Fully agree with all you say. With rangefinding such a given now a given in FT it is time to allow in lazer rangefinders and open the sport up to an even playing field for all at a reasonable cost. This would encourage more to take up FT, which is what the sport needs.
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