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Originally Posted by Shaqa View Post
Im driving in a Ford BF Falcon XR6. 4.0 straight six petrol. I believe these are only available in NZ or Aussie.
Economy is not too bad averaging out at about 8.5l/100km. You guys can do the conversion to MPG.
I was driving a Ford BA Falcon XR6T ute over here for a while, got it off a guy who imported them for a little while, tonnes of space in the back but only 2 seats. I used to mostly run from London to Edinburgh in it on a regular basis. Mileage wasn't too bad on a long run if you kept the revs down but it was a little juicy if you went for it. The trouble was I loved driving it too much and after one too many 600 per month fuel bills I had to get rid of it. Now I want a Maloo instead lol but have to content myself with a little Skoda Fabia vrs which will go to the moon and back on a tiny tank of diesel but will get you there quite quickly

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