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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
called boxing...

shoot group or shot, click 10 to left and 10 up, shoot group or shot, 20 clicks right shoot group or shot, 20 clicks down, shoot group or shot, 20 clicks left, shoot group or shot, 20 clicks up and the shots should go in 2nd group, 10 clicks right and down, and they should go in first.

worth also shooting on different mags as well, because mag shift can occur...

you may find that although a scope clicks, it can fail to move the ret, so look for an uneven box shape... you should have a group at the corner of each square and one in the middle with the above...
and as a bonus, if you know the distance you can end up with a calibration for the MOA per click (or clicks for 1 MOA) which may differ slightly to the 1/4 or 1/8 given by the manufacturer - might need more than the 20 clicks but even so it gives a useful number if you use any of the ballistic calculators.

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