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Originally Posted by Charlts View Post
Bob there's no doubting the quality of PAX pellets, but the bullet shape of the Deviants and Range Masters doesn't perform well enough for what I want. I don't now what happened to the prototype ones you gave to me last summer as they were awesome, the production ones were worse than Deviants in wind.

Lets face it, your biggest market for pileshovers and exterminators is the states where they're more bothered by power than accuracy and we all know bullet shapes work well at high speeds. Shuttlecocks work best at slow speed which is why none of the top shooters here use anything else.

I think you might be onto something Ryan. At medium ranges I suspect the bullet shaped pellets have enough spin to keep them stable. At longer ranges though, it's very likely that pellets are starting to rely more on drag stabilisation, especially in .177 given the lower spinning mass and the steeper fall-off of velocity than larger calibres. So the bullet shaped pellets then may start to tumble a little more, probably not drastically at first, just to wobble a bit like a slowing top. This would open the groups up a lot and knacker the BC making them very poor in wind at longer range.

Airgun barrels all seem to have very similar twist rates (about 1 in 14" I think).
In the US where powers tend to be higher, the pellets will be spinning faster and keep this high spin rate further downrange.

I wish someone (with deep pockets or preferably their own barrel plant) would experiment with higher spin rates. Is Ben Taylor on here?
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