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Originally Posted by Baltipal View Post
Hi all, it's been along while since I've posted on here & I'm running the risk of the community whispering a collective, "WHO??????" I dropped out of competitive FT last year, some might say I did that long before , with a clear intension of returning this year but things changed & now I'm finding myself selling up & moving on.
Sitting here I find myself reflecting on all the things I'll miss about FT, apart from the very many targets I missed over the last four years or so & the main thing will be all of you, all the many friends I made on the circuit who listened to my many excuses with patience offering comiserations & advice & made every Shoot a thing to look forward to. I've met some top folks through FT, real Ladies & Gents & each & everyone of you will live long in my memory.
Good luck & Good shooting to you all & if I have the good fortune to come across any of you again I'd be a happier man for it!
Think well of Baltipal, he did very little harm really, bye all.

(Think well of Baltipal, he did very little harm really, bye all) I would doubt you no how to do harm to anyone Greg i only hope you are leaving(having time off) from the sport for the right reasons you have always been a jovial chap and always will be, if you ever want a days shooting myself for one and probably dozens of others will willingly lend you a shooting stick. ATB Steve
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