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It's been a bit of a bumpy ride, but here's an update.

I junked the custom shop in favour of a deben, which seems to suit me better...

zeroing just can't be done anything else except from the sitting position...

when it's right, it's so damned accurate...

a bad position has more critical effects, you simply can't get away with as much as you can a pcp... in the region of perhaps 15% of the shots you get lucky on with a pcp.

you need to have good butt placement, and a stable natural hold on target, else the thing will kick somewhere random on shot release... wobbles need to be gone really... ideally you want to have a position that pre-empts good follow through, almost as if the observation of follow through starts before the shot is released, indeed i'm starting when i take up to 2nd stage.

the hw eats any old pellets... straight from the tin it's stunning at 55 when got right...

i need competition, or else i go a bit soft and give it the old "it dont matter cos im shooting a springer"... there's really no excuse for that, i think in the right hands, hmm, nothing between the springer and pcp in terms of capability, it's just a pcp masks bad habits better.

i'd like a sweeter trigger, but that's just a bit of polish, the rekord is pretty much 85% there, just a bit less sharp than the walther unit on break... and i think i want to play with risers and stock design.

but it's getting there, and will be being shot while i go back to pcp for the national series, because like the things 60x showed me on the march, it reveals areas of possible improvement in your own shooting if you keep your eyes open and that can only be a good thing...

plonking 55yd'ers down with one is bloody good fun... i think we should have a springer only FT comp... ideally in the south...
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