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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Something I think is key to good shooting... not even so much as seeing follow through after the shot, but I consider it important to start the follow through process before the shot is taken, and if you can't then perhaps it points to an issue further back down the firing process, like position etc...

with the springer it's critical, you simply cannot get away with a stab movement into the kill and a jab on the trigger, you have to get it where you want and sitting so the recoil will come straight back... else all sorts of things happen, normally a firmly stood target with no idea where shot went...
Great advice, Rob. I do some 25yd indoor .22RF (and have had a go at full-bore at the Bisley Open Day - so many different ways to hold and aim) but in all cases the most important result is to see where the sight image is after the shot has gone - indoors, the sight picture after release pretty much tells you exactly where the hole is in the paper as it is all too tempting to point the gun (all wrapped in slings and gimp jacket) rather than submit to the natural point of aim. If it is on target before and after then at least that side is right - wind, elevation, etc are entirely different of course

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