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Default slippery slopes...

Just wanted to add my thanks for a great event.
Not withstanding my disappointing score (let the Bs down) I continue to find the FT competitions a great learning experience (my first full season tackling the CSFTA FT WL., second season with HFT )

I normally have to shoot prone because my lower back can't take the normal sitting position but after sliding head first downhill a couple of times I gave in and thought what the heck but was then very happy to find that sitting on such slopes was actually comfortable (and those last few lanes were a reward in themselves).

I also learned that forgetting to reset the butt plate height after standers really doesn't help when back in prone.... So much to remember ....

Still, I got the tank, the buccaneer and frog and got to play with the 50ft adaptor.

Great course and no-one is ever to old to learn! Lovely cakes!

See you all at Bisley (bring ear-plugs - some of those other clubs are loud!)

All the best
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