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Originally Posted by holly View Post
this might have been put on by others but i cannot be arsed to go right through it all to find out . it is called the blurred target technique . basically you range the target . set the turret . then go out by 5 yards or so . depending on the scope .so that the target is blurred , but seeable . this stops you being so picky about your point of aim . after all you have an inch and a half to aim at ??? HOLLY
Called "area aiming"... in 10m the target is blurred and the foresight is in focus... i have done it by accident a few times now and it does work... but it's probably an advanced technique to play with rather than a fundamental to start with.

It can be suprising though how accurate you can be with a less than perfect sight picture, indeed the paper punchers can never achieve it, and they can be accurate to the mm at 10m, and sub 1cm at 50m with ease.
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