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Originally Posted by clubshot View Post
Aware that more Shooters are turning to Defiants - after problems with other pellets

Not forgetting it's not only light weights in Range

7.50 Grains in .177
14.00 in .22

15.00's in .177
18.00's in .22

Rangemasters - My understanding that Daystates - have advised Hugh / Pax they will not be ordering more Rangemasters - While He still Produces Piledrivers

Which are mainly sold oversease - especially .177 - where they are limited to .177

Red Rag to a Bull

Have had plenty of requests for 4.50 Rangemasters - As seems a growing number
have given them time and effort and are managing good results with them

Understand - Hugh is considering adding them to Defiant Range - When machine time is available
And if Daystates have not ordered them

Re Defiants and Exterminators - Bullet Shaped Pellets
Pax has plenty of orders - enought to keep current machines running

So why go backwards...........

Also most of current Production is currently joining other British Air Gun's overseas
where they appreciate Qaulity

Bob there's no doubting the quality of PAX pellets, but the bullet shape of the Deviants and Range Masters doesn't perform well enough for what I want. I don't now what happened to the prototype ones you gave to me last summer as they were awesome, the production ones were worse than Deviants in wind.

Lets face it, your biggest market for pileshovers and exterminators is the states where they're more bothered by power than accuracy and we all know bullet shapes work well at high speeds. Shuttlecocks work best at slow speed which is why none of the top shooters here use anything else.

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