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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Really enjoyed today, Bucaneers got them selves a very nice loction and a great piece of ground. I know you dont usually shot with the line that far down but the only thing that bothered me was when the shooting line is on a steep bank, you need to make sure the ground has been leveled. I hit the 2nd pair of kneelers while sliding down the bank! Really like your Bucaneer target and it was all i could do not to waste a shot and shot the chap in the head
Good to know that if needs be the REV can take out a Tank at any distance too, or (Rob) a Frog at 9 yards.
The Food, top notch. We had enough cakes to make it all the way back to Wales. Hope Bisley are going to keep this top notch CSFTA food experience up?

Great to have Geof with us today, he seemd to have the NjR under control today and took some good targets with it, Good shooting from a top Gentleman.

shame same cant be said for the little Irish Fella from Team River Washed Away.

My cunning plan to turn up at Christchurch and shoot with a faulty scoipe seems to have worked as Woody was in confident mood at the days start. Took a few lanes to get into the groove, dropped a stander and kneeler through lack of trigger control with the New Rev but once in and with head down, i reeled in from that river thing a bit of old drift Wood!
That last lane 27 yard Reducer is going to haunt you tonight,
Washed Up Woody.

The third and deciding round at Bisley next week is going to be a corker, just remember, I whoooped you there in the summer with the Njr, The REV is going to sweep you away, Down river.

start dancing

Ha Ha, bless you Buddy!

I had to give you a chance today as I noticed your bottom lip quivering during the day after by blinding start!

Yep already for next week, you do still have some catch up to do though.

Should I post you my dancing shoes so you can get some practice!


JW - 37 / SE - 24


JW - 33 / SE - 34 (neither of us should be proud of today’s score!)

I thought we were working off total scores?? what’s changed big guy?

Looking forwards to Bisley!

See you there.

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