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Aware that more Shooters are turning to Defiants - after problems with other pellets

Not forgetting it's not only light weights in Range

7.50 Grains in .177
14.00 in .22

15.00's in .177
18.00's in .22

Rangemasters - My understanding that Daystates - have advised Hugh / Pax they will not be ordering more Rangemasters - While He still Produces Piledrivers

Which are mainly sold oversease - especially .177 - where they are limited to .177

Red Rag to a Bull

Have had plenty of requests for 4.50 Rangemasters - As seems a growing number
have given them time and effort and are managing good results with them

Understand - Hugh is considering adding them to Defiant Range - When machine time is available
And if Daystates have not ordered them

Re Defiants and Exterminators - Bullet Shaped Pellets
Pax has plenty of orders - enought to keep current machines running

So why go backwards...........

Also most of current Production is currently joining other British Air Gun's overseas
where they appreciate Qaulity

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