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Hmm, i'd speak to a few owners of them... some seem sorted, and some have scores that yo-yo along with their point of impact that day... that's not to say that there is a rifle out there that hasn't had a degree of fiddling knowledge developed to get the best out of it, but i think you need to be quite an objective shooter to get the best out of them.

James Woodhead won the worlds with one, albeit blowing 3 breech seals on the last day in the heat... Tim Goodall has won everything in the CSFTA region with one, but works hard with it when it's not coming along for the ride.

Shearing cocking pins are a common complaint, some are set so they blow open rather than place the pins under stress... it's probably the case that if you get a sorted one, it will be as good as anything, but it wouldn't be top of my list for a new/medium shooter to grab hold of as i'm not sure that if they weren't behaving it would be easy for such a shooter to tell...
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