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Default Shoot ?

I shoot a 2002 . now upgraded to 2020 by dave welham . they are a very reliable rifle . very accurate and easy to work on . if you get one that has had all dave's mods on it . then you need never have to go to anybody else for work done on it . all you will need is a good scope . good practice and you will have an equal chance on the GP circuit with anybody else , talent permitting . prices are what people will pay . but an average is from 650 to 800 depending on the gun . they have one of the best barrels and triggers you will find . mods you must have done are .top rail to hold the two pieces of the receiver together so the scope is mounted solidly . or the forward scope mount that some use so the scope is mounted on the front part . ( rare ) and the cocking lever mod . ( they can shear pins in the lever ) never had it on mine . but had it done anyway . after that you can have what you like and afford . IE the transfer port mod and the barrel shroud , plus accuriser . gary cane stocks are very sort after and so on . the only down side is no one will believe your stories of dodgy rifle is the reason i missed ??? HOLY
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